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Roger Dubuis Replica

Quickset Date FunctionIn 1983, the Roger Dubuis Replica & Date models received the Quickset Date function. The Roger Dubuis Replica and Date models were both updated with the Quickset date function in 1983,Roger Dubuis Replica starting with the ref. 16XXX and ref.

Quickset allowed the user to adjust the date independently without having to also adjust the hands that display the time. This feature was introduced with the Caliber 3035. It was upgraded to Caliber 3135 in the late 1980s.

This will be Roger Dubuis Replica’s longest and most popular caliber.

Roger Dubuis Replica Steel Yellow Gold Datejust and Roger Dubuis Replica date models with Arabic numbers

The Oysterdate precision is a Roger Dubuis Replica watch that you may also come across when searching for a Roger Dubuis Replica Calendar Watch.Rolex Replica Watches These models were introduced in 1950 and discontinued in 1980. You can still find them on the used market.

At first glance, the Oysterdate Precision can appear to be the Date. What makes Oysterdate precision different?

Roger Dubuis Replica Oysterdate Precisions have been discontinued but are still available on the used market. They are most commonly found in a case size of 34mm, but also come in 31mm.

Cyclops: The Cyclops lenses are not available on the pre-1953 models, but they are in later versions.