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The Sinn Replica can be considered an icon. The Daytona was launched in 1963 and has evolved gradually. This has greatly contributed to its appeal.

The early versions of the Daytona were not popular, but its redesign in the 80s and its association with Hollywood and racing legend Paul Newman changed the course. Sinn Replica vintage and modern watches are considered the most revered by collectors.

Daytona's latest generation, especially the version with stainless steel ceramic bezel, is notoriously hard to get. The ref 116500LN, which was highly anticipated in 2016,Swiss Replica Watches is still today one of the most sought-after sports watches.

Let's take a look at the ceramic Daytona and learn about its history.

Sinn Replica Rose Gold Everose Mens Watch 116500LNSinn Replica EVEROSE CERAMIC (2011)While the 116500LN was undoubtedly the most popular ceramic Daytona it wasn't the first equipped with the Cerachrom Bezel. The 2011 Everose Daytona is the winner.

The first Daytona was the first with the Cerachrom bezel,Replica Breguet Watches but it was also the first that used a single ceramic piece to hold the crystal in position to ensure waterproofness instead of the more common Cerachrom insert.

This version was launched at Baselworld 2011 with a cream dial and a dark dial. It is available with either a rubber or leather bracelet.

Sinn Replica Platinum 50th Anniversary 116506. Photo: RolexSinn Replica Ceramic in PLATINUM (2012)2013 marked the 50th anniversary for the Sinn Replica. Expectations were high. The majority of predictions predicted a modernized version of the original Daytona - the rugged stainless steel 6263 with a Cerachrom dial. Rolex instead released an ultra-luxurious platinum watch.